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What makes Flax & Beets different?

We are focused on delivering HEALTH, through education, community events, and of course our delicious food. All of our meals are designed by a medicinal chef, with the focus of delivering specific nutrients to maximise your health and performance, both mentally and physically. We also aim to educate our customers and followers about nutrition, through a combined use of social media and events.

Is the hot food packaging compostable?

Yes, it is made from bagasse, which is the residue leftover from the sugarcane plant after sugar has been extracted.

Do I have to be there to receive my delivery?

Yes. Our food is delivered fresh every day, and needs to either be consumed or put in the fridge straight away. Our deliveries happen between 11am and 1.30pm daily.

How long do the salads/hot meals/mini meals last?

All of our products should be refrigerated immediately, and consumed within three days of delivery.

How do I heat my hot meals?

Remove the elastic band and info card, take off the lid (you can leave it balancing at an angle on top of the base, but make sure there are some openings for steam to get out) and microwave for 4.5 min, stirring halfway through. Always ensure your meal is piping hot all the way through before serving, and never reheat more than once.

Can you cater for my event?

Yes! Please get in touch by sending an email to and we would be delighted to help.